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Fenghuang Dancong, also known as Yaxi Fragrant Tea, is produced in Mount Fenghuang located in Chaozhou city. Mount Fenghuang is one of the highest mountains in China, reaching 1000-1500 meters above sea level in eastern Guangdong province. Furthermore, the high mountains have always been surrounded by clean air, clouds, and fogs.The tea has a unique natural scent, a strong aftertaste, and is long-lasting. Drinking Yaxi tea has several health benefits, including reducing cravings and fatigue, quenching thirst, cleansing the palate, lowering blood pressure, and so on. Long-term drinking can adjust the human body’s function and longevity.

Fenghuang Dancong tea (Yaxi Fragrant tea) has been ranked first in national tea competitions over the years and is regarded as China’s top tea. The Chinese Academy of Sciences acknowledges Fenghuang Dancong tea as one of the safest and purest teas of all time.

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